Catch of the month January

english/ german version below Maternityfashion. Leggings for pregnant woman, trousers with extra fuel for the babybelly, larger clothes. No matter how, every woman who gets pregnant gets around these stuff. But what do you do with it when the little miracle is there? Sell? Clothington? Make something new from your old clothes How do you… Continue reading Catch of the month January

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Christmas giveaway Part 3

Schon Teil drei unseres Vorweihnachtszeit-Gewinnspiel. Wahnsinn oder? Als Drittes haben wir ein Paket für euch passend zum heutigen Blogbeitrag “Christmas Kids Fashion”. In Paket Nummer drei befinden sich Dinge für gleich zwei glückliche Gewinner:   Mädchen-Weihnachtsoutfit Haarband von @leniandme Kleid von @pepelinokids Und zusätzlich noch einen Gutschein von @wildchild.kidslabel im Wert von 25€   Jungs-Weihnachtsoutfit Fliegen-Set… Continue reading Christmas giveaway Part 3

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Last Minute Halloween Kids Costume

english/ german version below My first halloween party I visited at 12. It was a spooky beautiful decorated location with fanciful dressed people, vampires, witches, a lot of fake blood and a buffet, which you can’t even imagine. After this I visited halloween partys at disco’s and finally there was a party at my sister-in-law’s… Continue reading Last Minute Halloween Kids Costume