Blogger event movie premiere “Molly Monster”

I have to admit I hardly go to the cinema as we somehow are mostly to slow to catch the movie we wanted to see. The movies that I mostly remember to  have seen are admittedly children´s movies such as `Finding Nemo` or `Monsters ink`. I simply love the illustrations and the stories behind and… Continue reading Blogger event movie premiere “Molly Monster”

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Preview fall/winter collection `Nyani – kids fashion`

Events, events, events,… right now we are heading from one blogger event to the next one. But we don´t really want to complain as we love to join those events and meet other great mom bloggers and also get to know new brands for kids, moms and moms to be. The event This time we… Continue reading Preview fall/winter collection `Nyani – kids fashion`

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Things that make my live easier: Stickerkid

We would like to start with a new series about things that make our lives as a mom easier. Let’s begin with something we found out quite early that is so practical: name labels. Pauline: Since I’m pregnant and certainly since my due date is coming closer, I get a lot of baby clothes I may… Continue reading Things that make my live easier: Stickerkid